Status and perspectives of the health data economy


FHIR and new possibilities of data integration

Presentation by Gustav Vella, Co-Founder, Healex GmbH, Cologne

The approaches to the topic of “data” in the health care system are shaped by the diversity of their respective interest groups. In the area of digital health, the discourse is even more sensitive, as it involves personal and highly confidential data. The medical community’s perspective is different from that of the pharmaceutical industry, patients or insurance companies. Simultaneously, technologies that help to analyse and use data are constantly evolving: data analytics has long been one of the most promising new digital fields.

The German ICT & Media Institute (GIMI) and the German ict + medienakademie want to use the 13th E-Health Roundtable of renowned experts on the subject of Health-Data-Economy to highlight both the technological and economic opportunities and shortcomings of the analysis of large amounts of data.

During the event, Healex Co-Founder Gustav Vella will speak about the international data standard FHIR and how it opens up new possibilities for data integration in the field of clinical research and care.

Tuesday, 15.09.2020

4:15 pm

Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln

Vogelsanger Str. 295

50825 Cologne

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