Since spring 2020, in Germany and many other European countries, hospitals and clinics have been legally obliged to implement new Corona laws and regulations (e.g. in Northrhine-Westphalia: CoronaSchVO §5). We show you how a prompt, complete and safe implementation can be achieved.

What hospitals and clinics must do now

  1. Provide a short screening of all visitors for SARS-CoV-2 infections according to the guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute. This includes tracking cold symptoms, COVID-19 infections, and all contacts with infected persons or contact persons of infected persons.
  2. Limit all visits to a minimum and only to approved visitor areas.
  3. Inform your patients and visitors about your hygiene and visitor rules.
  4. Keep a complete visitor registry of all patients and visitors, in which the name of the visitor, the date and times of the visit and the patient or resident visited are recorded. This way new cases of infection can be traced quickly.
  5. Train your staff with regard to the new Corona laws and regulations.
  6. Use a GDPR-friendly solution such as the Healex Entry Manager to implement the Corona laws and regulations.

Provide efficient visitor management with the Healex Entry Manager

The Healex Entry Manager is a ready-to-use, mobile solution for efficient visitor management in hospitals and other highly frequented places. The web tool enables direct implementation of the Corona laws and regulations. With the Healex Entry Manager, visits can be digitally managed and long queues can be avoided.

Der Healex Entry Manager an der Uniklinik Köln. Screenshot vom Besuchertool.

How the Healex Entry Manager works

Visitors can fill out a web form with their smartphone or with a PC provided on site to track and record symptoms of a Coronavirus infection. Visitors are then informed about the visitor and hygiene rules specific to the clinic or nursing home.

Only after verification and on the basis of the transmitted health status, visitors are granted access to the respective facility with a temporary, non-transferable visitor ticket. This enables secure visitor control and effective tracking of all contacts in case of infection. This approach protects staff and patients from infections and reduces staff workload.

The GDPR-friendly solution for visitor control

Thanks to the secure, encrypted transmission of personal data via web form, Healex Entry Manager offers a data protection-compliant solution for visitor control in accordance with the Corona laws and regulations. The name and phone number of the visitor are stored only for a short time and deleted after the legally prescribed period. There is no data storage on the mobile phone or browser. Information concerning the health status is also not stored. The data record, which is only collected during an actual visit, can only be accessed by authorised personnel. When the visitor enters the site, a time stamp is stored in the database.

Find out more about how you can immediately implement the current corona laws and regulations with the Healex Entry Manager here.

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