Do I have to use FHIR?

Yes, or a similar standard. The KHZG requires the use of internationally recognized, syntactic and semantic interoperability standards – FHIR meets all of these points. This makes the standard one of the most important for modern interoperability.
The advantage of FHIR is that it can communicate with other standards. So established standards can still be used and become more flexible by interfacing with FHIR to enable all-round networking with all new applications in the future.
With our FHIR Mapper we offer a seamless transformation of many data formats to FHIR – and thus all-around applicable.

Which funding points cannot be implemented without FHIR?

All funding points that require a connection to the HIS or telematics infrastructure cannot be implemented without FHIR. The HIS system or the telematics infrastructure will be connected to FHIR and should be able to network with all data from other applications in the future.

What advantages does FHIR offer over other standards?

FHIR offers a variety of elaborated profiles for health data for immediate use. FHIR is made for software developers. There are numerous tools, APIs, and examples to simplify and speed implementation.
The structuring of FHIR profiles is aligned with use cases and built on the principle that data packages are just large enough to reflect all the meta-information and context necessary to maintain their meaning, but are no longer hard-to-manage, inflexible data silos. In addition, FHIR uses technologies familiar from applications like Google, Twitter, and Facebook (e.g., XML, JSON, HTTPS, OAuth).

My HIS is not FHIR compliant - what can I do?

Good news: FHIR is HIS compatible!  Healex builds the bridge between your HIS and the FHIR standard for you. We build your interface so that your HIS data can be stored in FHIR.
We also help you find the right FHIR profiles for your data and your needs, so that interoperability is achieved in a meaningful context.

What is the advantage of FHIR compared to Open EHR?

One of the big advantages is that FHIR can “translate” between different standards.

How long does it take you to complete a mapping?

Because our FHIR experts are very experienced, you can estimate and implement mapping requirements very quickly. We calculate at least 3 days per existing profile. Of course, the profiles can be adapted; we will be happy to advise you on these adaptations!

Do your FHIR products have interfaces to the HIS?

Yes, our FHIR products have interfaces for the common HIS systems (Orbis and others).

Do you also work with other IT partners?

Yes, we are an SAP partner. We also work with companies that are app front experts in healthcare, so we can also answer your inquiries about DIGA and healthcare apps, for example. We develop apps directly with FHIR interface, so the funding is facilitated and the apps are KHZG eligible.
If you already have IT partners for implementation in individual funding points, we are happy to work with them on an interoperability solution.

Do you also take care of auditing as a certified IT service provider?

Our Healex team consists of scientists from the clinical field, data managers and FHIR experts with many years of experience. Our managing director Gustav Vella is one of the FHIR pioneers in Germany. In addition, we are happy to take care of the evaluation for you.

How can ePa be implemented with FHIR?

With the help of the role and rights management, the interfaces provided by FHIR as well as the integration into telematics infrastructures, the electronic patient record (ePA) can be successfully implemented with FHIR.

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