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The Hospital Futures Act provides a total of €4.3 billion from the federal and state governments since January 2021 to enable hospitals to invest in digitisation, patient portals and networked clinical data. The use of structured clinical data standards, especially the FHIR® base profiles, is mandatory in this context.

This webinar will show you:

  • What the KHZG is and what is important when implementing FHIR.
  • What the FHIR data standard is and how you can bring your clinical data into FHIR

Who this webinar is for:

  • Medical and commercial directors of hospitals
  • CIO, CTO, heads of IT in hospitals
  • Innovation and project managers in hospitals
  • Interoperability and clinical data managers
  • Anyone interested in clinical data, FHIR and data integration challenges in hospitals


Start: 12:00 pm

End: around 12:50 pm

  • Introduction of the experts
  • approx. 20 minutes: What is the KHZG and what challenges do hospitals face? What is the FHIR data standard and why is it mandatory in the KHZG?
  • approx. 30 minutes: Discussion and question session on the KHZG and FHIR with the experts and you as the audience.

The FHIR and KHZG experts in dialogue:

  • Stefan Wiesner (CEO Healex)
  • Alexander Zautke (FHIR expert Firely)
  • Dr. Joseph Schepers (Berlin Institute of Health, Charité, Core Unit eHealth and Interoperability (CEI))
  • Dr. Georg Langebartels (University Hospital Cologne)

About Healex:

Healex specialises in products and solutions for cross-site collaborative clinical trial governance and acceleration, patient care therapy guidance and the use of structured and unstructured clinical and healthcare data in healthcare and research systems based on the FHIR standard. Through high quality data, Healex enables efficient collaboration and networking between healthcare and clinical research and between study sponsors, researchers, physicians and patients.

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About Firely:

Firely is a group of software engineers, support engineers and FHIR consultants dedicated to healthcare interoperability. We are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and also have an office in Boston, USA.
The Firely team has been involved in FHIR since the beginning and we are continuously contributing to the standard. Firely is the driving force behind FHIR DevDays and a founding member of the FHIR Business Alliance.

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FHIR & KHZG Webinar, 24.06., 12 pm

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