Seamless clinical data integration is the key to successful networking of research and care. Only the secure exchange of sensitive clinical data in real time can ensure optimal digitized diagnostics and treatment. However, this is often not yet possible. Lack of interoperability still prevents efficient data integration at many clinics today. This does not have to be the case! With the Clinical Integration Hub, we bring FHIR to your hospital and network your systems. This way, your clinical data gets to where it is neededsecurely and in real time.  

The firely FHIR Server can be flexibly integrated into your existing IT!  

The firely FHIR Server is a ready-to-use FHIR server that can also be integrated into your existing IT in research, care and diagnostics. It allows you to consolidate and network your clinical data into a FHIR Clinical Data Repository (FHIR CDR). The use of FHIR technology has already proven itself not only in many university hospitals and research organizations, but especially in clinical trials. Our FHIR server also meets all requirements of KHZG, ISiK and ePA, which prescribe the use of semantic interopability standards such as FHIR. The FHIR data standard ensures structured data collection and integration beyond the boundaries of the HIS (e.g. apps / wearables / devices). In addition, the data standard enables the integration of special diagnostics and case files, which is indispensable for hospitals. Even the integration of international terminologies such as SNOMED-CT is no longer a problem with FHIR!  

 Further advantages of the FHIR Server  

  • Enterprise ready incl. 1st/2nd level support for several years  
  • supports different FHIR versions in parallel  
  • supports all resource types and search parameters from the FHIR specification, including FHIR profiles  
  • easily customizable to your data and systems with user-defined resources, operations and plugins  
  • flexible to use (local, Docker or cloud), cross-platform (Windows, Linux and OS X), supports many databases (SQL Server, SQLite, MongoDB and others)  

Highest security for your clinical data  

The following features of the firely FHIR server ensure that your data is transported and stored according to the highest security standards 

  • Authentication with OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect    
  • Authorization based on SMART via FHIR scopes and start context   
  • Support for HTTPS and Single Sign-On (SSO) environments   
  • Encryption of data at rest with database engines, such as Transparent Data Encryption on SQL Server or Encrypted Storage Engine on MongoDB   
  • can be held by reverse proxies and load-balancing web servers   
  • supports custom authorization with a plugin   
  • HIPAA compliant 

FHIR and the KHZG  

We help you integrate FHIR into your hospital IT – right from the start 

  • Full FHIR support in all KHZG funding targets.  
  • Standardized data exchange  
  • Compliance with data protection laws  
  • Secure upgrade of legacy IT and data  
  • Realization FHIR integration for networked, multi-center clinical research and care 

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