The urgently needed funding for the digitization of healthcare is finally arriving: up to 4.3 billion will be awarded to hospitals as part of the Hospital Future Act (KHZG). We present the most important funding points and how you can implement them quickly and efficiently at your hospital.

The KHZG MUST criteria - this is what matters

Electronic documentation of care and treatment services is a key requirement that clinics must necessarily fulfill in order to be funded under the KHZG. This requires high-quality structured health data.  

This requires the use of modern clinical data standards such as FHIR, which can be used to transfer and store sensitive patient and health data securely and reliably. Data from different sources can also be merged and integrated into existing systems thanks to FHIR.  

For this reason, we rely on FHIR right from the start in the development of our products – and thus on state-of-the-art structured clinical data integration.   

Our KHZG offer: Meet all eligibility criteria and mandatory criteria for clinical documentation with Healex

Our KHZG package includes coordinated clinical documentation products. With the FHIR-based systems Healex ClinicalSite, Healex Clinical Documentation System, Healex Clinical Integration Hub and Healex Case Manager, you not only meet all requirements for funding, but are also future-proofed with the telematics infrastructure and integration of the electronic patient record.

Structured health data with FHIR and flexible clinical documentation with the Healex Clinical Documentation System

Under the must-have criteria for a grant award, there must be a conversion to electronic, interdepartmental clinical documentation, including the ability to track changes at any time and manage an electronic patient record. The use of the FHIR data standard for data storage and exchange is mandated.

With the Healex Clinical Documentation System (CDS), you get a modern, networked, flexibly adaptable system for clinical documentation. With Healex CDS, you can create Case Report Forms (CRFs), generate diagnoses, biopsies and other forms. In addition, by referencing a common item lexicon and standard codes, all data is comparable. This simplifies meta-analyses for optimizing care in hospital, rehabilitation and care contexts, even when data is available in different databases. The Healex Clinical Integration Hub (CIH) allows you to set up a data integration system where patient data can be stored in a structured manner. This means that integration with the electronic patient record (ePA) – soon to be mandatory – is already seamless in your hospital.

Thanks to FHIR, patient and health data from different sources can be transmitted and stored in a structured, secure manner. With the Healex Clinical Integration Hub, we provide a state-of-the-art FHIR infrastructure for this purpose, which can also be used in parallel with your existing clinical IT and offers interfaces to primary and subsystems as well as to supported HIS. The CIH consists of an FHIR Server, FHIR Plugins, the CSIRO Ontoserver and the Healex FHIR Mapper. Currently, Healex is the only provider of such a seamless FHIR infrastructure for your hospital.

Future-proofing even beyond the KHZG: Use electronic patient files and telematics infrastructure today

With our FHIR-based solutions for documentation and integration of clinical data, you not only fulfill the central KHZG requirements for electronic clinical documentation, but also relieve the burden on your hospital staff through more efficient process flows.
At the same time, you are already well equipped for the upcoming digital transformation of healthcare. Electronic patient records and telematics infrastructures will be mandatory for hospitals and clinics in the coming years. With the Healex KHZG package, you can offer your patients modern care and optimal treatment options today!

 By the way, Healex also acts as an interface between your hospital infrastructure and your IT partner. We will be happy to discuss the best solution for your hospital with you in a personal consultation. Contact us!

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