The urgently needed funding for the digitization of healthcare is finally arriving: up to 4.3 billion will be awarded to hospitals as part of the Hospital Future Act (KHZG). We present the most important funding points and how you can implement them quickly and efficiently at your hospital.

Funding point 4

The establishment of partially or fully automated clinical decision support systems that assist clinical care providers in making treatment decisions through automated guidance and recommendations with the goal of improving quality of care.

To establish a partially or fully automated decision support system, the FHIR data standard plays a crucial role. The Healex Clinical Integration Hub (CIH) enables consistent documentation and consolidation of all data in a FHIR repository (data integration center). This allows all aspects related to a patient to be taken into account. In addition, the system allows all information from incoming systems to be stored and used for subsequent data analysis. The visual presentation of clinical patient data and clinical documentation in a structured form is enabled by the Healex Clinical Documentation System (CDS) in conjunction with SAP interfaces and the HIS. This allows patient data to be linked to additional knowledge databases or linked to reminder and alert functions that facilitate and support treatment decisions. With this measure, you offer your patients better care and facilitate treatment decisions by clinicians.

Funding point 6

The establishment of an internal hospital digital process for requesting services, which enables both the request for services and feedback on the course of treatment of patients in electronic form with the aim of speeding up internal hospital communication processes.

Efficient digital clinical documentation based on the FHIR data standard speeds up internal hospital communication processes. The Healex Clinical Documentation System (CDS) makes it easier for physicians to digitally and securely request services for outpatients and inpatients, especially diagnoses, biopsies and other laboratory tests. In addition, data can be viewed regardless of location, an overview of the requested services can be obtained, and duplicate requests can be prevented. This supports and relieves the clinical staff. Via interfaces to HIS, the FHIR data standard and standard HL7 interfaces, the recorded data can be transferred directly to the electronic patient record (ePA). This fulfills a central requirement of the KHZG funding package and accelerates often lengthy communication processes at your hospital, so that personnel resources can be conserved and used more efficiently.

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