Since August 8th in Germany and most European countries returning travelers from international risk areas have to be tested for the Coronavirus. Tourists from non-risk areas can also be tested voluntarily. Without a test result, travelers must stay in quarantine for up to 14 days immediately after their arrival at home or at their travel destination.

Due to the massive increase of the number of tests airports have to work under extreme pressure: Test centres have to be set up, health tests carried out, results transmitted, and cases of infection tracked in the shortest possible time and under strict security regulations. Negative findings must also be followed up to ensure that infections do not go undetected.

Providing reliable COVID-19 test management and safety for travelers

An immediately deployable and flexible digital solution is essential for a scalable and reliable mass operation of airport test centres. The Healex Case Manager was developed specifically for crisis situations and enables the rapid and secure implementation of corona health tests at airports as a flexible, scalable and data protection-friendly web tool. By dialing a phone number via any smartphone, travelers can send their personal contact details and screening for symptoms of an infection directly to the test centre of the airport and immediately register for a health test. Test results can also be received either via SMS or by a phone call. Multiple tests are also possible. Travelers can also record their symptoms from a 14-day home quarantine on a daily basis using their smartphone. In case of an infection affected travelers and contact persons can be identified and contacted anytime.

The Healex Case Manager minimizes the workload of the test centers on site, speeds up administrative processes, protects travelers and staff, ensures a trouble-free operation, provides an easy way to maintain highest safety and hygiene standards as well as providing a seamless implementation of the current German Corona laws and regulations.

Quick roll-out

The Healex Case Manager can be rolled out at any test centre and airport on short notice. As a flexible web application the system can be quickly adapted to the respective requirements and on-site workflows at the airports and their test centres.

A download and installation of an additional app is not necessary, instead any browser on a smartphone can be used. No personal contact and health data are stored in the smartphone. Due to a secure, GDPR-compliant, minimal data collection, the Healex Case Manager offers strong advantages compared to other testing tools.

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