Inspiring keynotes, expert presentations and discussion panels on the topic of digital health: DMEA 2021 will once again take place in Berlin from June 7 – 11. This year, visitors can once again expect an extensive online program that will highlight current developments as well as the future of health IT. In addition to political bigwigs and experts, new players in digital healthcare will also find a platform here.

We will present our FHIR®-based solutions for clinical research and care. Meet us and make an appointment in the exhibitor portal:,c605748

Three inspiring presentations from Healex

Solutions Hub FHIR, June 7 2021, 08:55am-09:20am

FHIR for the Clinical Data Repository: Efficient, scalable and sustainable networking of clinical data in clinical research and clinical care.

We will show how the FHIR standard enables structured networking of clinical data in a Clinical Data Repository (CDR) and how FHIR solutions from Healex and Firely make seamless networking of clinical data to clinical systems and the electronic patient record a reality. Practical implementation paths for FHIR interoperability will be shown, especially for your KHZG digitization projects.

Speaker: Christoph Plamper, Stefan Wiesner

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Pandemic - initial experience with IT solution approaches and management, June 7 2021, 2:15pm-2:45pm

WebService based management of a mass case of outpatients for SARS-CoV-2 testing in a new infection control center

Speaker: Dr. Georg Langebartels, University Hospital Cologne, Corina Fohrholz, Healex GmbH

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Solutions Hub Digital Health 2025, June 11 2021, 08:55am-09:20am

Efficient hospital digitization and networking of research and care with FHIR and structured data.

Set the course for your hospital IT in 2025.

The FHIR data standard and interoperable solutions for seamless networking and collaborative research and care are coming into focus. Healex will show how you can use FHIR to plan, implement, and scale the digital transformation of your hospital IT step-by-step for post-pandemic care structures, electronic health records, KHZG, digital patient experiences, and connected research and care.

Speaker: Christoph Plamper, Stefan Wiesner

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