FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is a standard for electronically exchanging healthcare information. There is a need to understand it better and promote a wider acceptance by all stakeholders in healthcare.

Benefits of FHIR

  • Open source resource with no restrictions.
  • Supports seamless exchange of information using messages or documents, and service based architectures.
  • XML or JSON can be used as transmission format for the data.
  • A strong focus on implementation – fast and easy to implement (multiple developers have had simple interfaces working in a single day).
  • Independent of any 1 vendor or 1 entity.
  • Open-source FHIR Server called HAPI FHIR that anyone can implement.

To understand the topic in more detail, check out our latest webinar on FHIR.

About Dr. Jubin Shah:

Dr Shah is responsible for business development at Healex. He has more then 1 0 years of inter-disciplinary experience in the field of Bioinformatics, Life science and Healthcare across academia, several startups and non-profit sector .

About Healex:

Connecting and accelerating medical research and treatment – with this goal Healex develops solutions that support and fasten clinical work and networked research, especially in the current Corona crisis.

Healex enables the transfer of information from various clinical and research systems as well as secure and usable storage of health information. The data can be used for prevention, up-to-date anamnesis, care, and science.
This enables fast, cross-site clinical trials and real-time data exchange between clinical research and care.