We accelerate and connect clinical research and clinical care

Knowledge in medicine is constantly increasing in scope and level of detail. This ranges from basic research in biomedicine to implementation in clinical research and to clinical care by all those involved in the treatment.

This creates a critical information management problem in clinical research and care at all levels. The result can be delays in the transfer of research into effective therapies and massive increases of costs due to increased scope and complexity.

We believe that only the efficient sharing of knowledge and information can be the solution.

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Better medicine through cooperation and data exchange

A key component for efficient sharing of knowledge and information are seamless, real-time and secure data and communication platforms for physicians and researchers. Healex communication solutions and platforms for clinical data help to comply with all technical and legal requirements while maintaining the highest data protection standards. We enable researchers and physicians to safely manage and share clinical data, information and expertise in research projects and clinical care.

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Collaboration in Healthcare

We bring clinical data to the right places at the right time, linking clinical research and care.

Clinical Research

Our products enable and accelerate clinical research in all phases.

Commercial process optimization

Automated invoicing of clinical studies

Secure Data Exchange

We develop products for the secure exchange of clinical and patient data.

EU state aid compliant cost calculations

Central overview of all ongoing studies

A strong team for hard problems

We are developers, researchers, practitioners and experts specializing in the field of IT in clinical research and care. We have been supporting research groups and physicians for more than twelve years. Due to the intensive cooperation with one of the largest university hospitals in Germany, where intensive research activities are carried out with centers in Europe and the USA, we have deep experience with strategic and operative challenges and developed working solutions to enable efficient collaboration between clinical research and care.