User-friendly web solution accelerates Corona test management 

Cologne, 25th August 2020

Long queues, false personal data and faxes belong to the past: Corona tests can be managed quickly, safely and user-friendly—for example at the test center of the University Hospital of Cologne. “With the Healex Case Manager, we provide a fast and powerful solution for hospitals, airports and government offices by automating processes and enabling clear personal identification“, says Healex CEO Stefan Wiesner.

The mobile web solution offers flexible automation of all processes before and after a Corona test. From the initial contact and registration at the test center, the transmission of test results and direct reporting to the health authorities, to the optional transmission of symptoms from home quarantine, the Healex Case Manager covers all stages of test management for Covid-19. Thanks to activation via the personal mobile number, an unambiguous assignment of health data to the tested person is possible at all times.


An appointment scheduling function and automatic registration at the test center prevents overload of centers and laboratories. Long waiting times are avoided. The needed information about the person and possible Corona symptoms are provided contactless via the web browser of the smartphone. The test center benefits from already having all the data at hand when the test person registers. Persons with more severe symptoms can therefore be identified immediately and given priority for testing. In case of multiple tests, there is no need to enter the data again.

For test centers and clinics, the Healex solution provides high efficiency right from the initial examination. The test result is delivered directly and can be accessed at any time via a web link.
Health authorities can also receive test results directly or as e-fax. This significantly minimizes the need for personnel in document handling. Further communication with all involved parties—laboratory, health authorities and test person—is also accelerated.

Strictest data protection is guaranteed: All entries are transmitted in encrypted form and stored exclusively in secure systems at the test center or clinic. Access by laboratories is limited to pseudonymized data only. The application can be hosted in the protected own network or in high security data centers of Deutsche Telekom.

Further information about the Healex Case Manager:

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