Healex Electronic Reporting Forms facilitate legally compliant electronic data transfers and accelerate the digital transformation in the healthcare sector.

Cologne and Berlin, June 10th, 2020

With the new Electronic Reporting Forms developed by the digital health and software specialists Healex GmbH and Jackson Mobile Berlin GmbH, the time-consuming and often still fax- or telephone-based transmission of case reports to health authorities is now a thing of the past.

Via the easy-to-use and flexible webtool, hospitals, doctors and laboratories are able to electronically transmit mandatory reports of infections caused by diseases and pathogens in accordance with §§6 to 9 of the German Protection Act against Infections (Infektionsschutzgesetz, IfSG) directly to health authorities from their IT systems, any browser and under the highest security standards. SARS-CoV-2 infections can also be reported more quickly and efficiently. This considerably reduces the personnel effort involved in document and case recording and greatly accelerates the direct communication between hospitals, medical practices, laboratories and the authorities.

“With the new Electronic Reporting Forms, we are ensuring high data quality and the immediate electronic reporting of infections with direct integration into the workflows and clinical systems on site,”, says Stefan Wiesner, CEO of Healex.

Andre Sturm, founder and CEO of Jackson Mobile, adds: “Through the Electronic Reporting Forms we are securing and accelerating both the existing IT infrastructure and processes in hospitals, medical practices, laboratories and health authorities.”

Hospitals, medical practices, laboratories and health authorities who would like to use the Electronic Reporting Forms should register on the website or contact Healex GmbH or Jackson Mobile Berlin GmbH. Healex takes over the further development, sales and adaptation to the clinical systems on site.

For further information about Healex Electronic Reporting Form, visit: https://healex.systems/healex-elektronischer-meldebogen

Contact persons & sales

Stefan Wiesner

CEO Healex GmbH

e-mail: stefan.wiesner@healex.systems

Phone: +49 2203 5026368

Web: https://healex.systems/

Andre Storm

CEO Jackson Mobile Berlin GmbH

e-mail: andre.sturm@jacksonmobile.de

Phone: +49 171 499 6752

Web: www.jacksonmobile.de