Healex Case Manager protects and relieves staff and patients

Cologne and Berlin, 20th April 2020

Clinics, public health authorities and laboratories benefit from using the Healex Case Manager developed by the Cologne and Berlin-based digital health and software specialists Healex GmbH and Jackson Mobile Berlin GmbH to ensure operational efficiency in the corona crisis. They can now use the simple, reliable and scalable solution for mass operation. With the contactless solution, management of a large number of patient inquiries is kept under control and the clinical data is used to further aid therapies and clinical research.

With the Healex Case Manager, each patient receives an individual link via text message to a mobile website, whose content and forms can be individually customized. For the protection of fellow citizens, for example from home quarantine, patients can share their data with the hospital and test center and record symptoms. The application works on any internet-capable mobile phone. Seamless connection to hospital information systems (HIS) and test centers will make clinical data available more quickly for research and enable quicker reporting to the health authorities. Patients benefit from a direct, individual communication channel in case of infection. Crisis teams and physicians can also act more efficiently when dealing with a high number of suspected or confirmed cases of infection and concentrate on therapy and clinical research through the generation of structured health data.

“With the new Healex Case Manager, we increase efficiency in the healthcare system during the corona crisis by bringing clinical data to where it is needed,” says Stefan Wiesner, CEO of Healex.

Andre Sturm, CEO of Jackson Mobile adds: “With our many years of experience in building flexible and highly scalable web applications we help hospitals and patients to exchange sensitive data conveniently, securely and efficiently.”

Interested hospitals, offices and laboratories that would like to use the Healex Case Manager should register on the website or contact Healex GmbH or Jackson Mobile Berlin GmbH. Healex takes over the further development, sales and adaptation to the clinical systems on site.

Further information about the Healex Case Manager: https://healex.systems/en/healex-case-manager

Contact persons & sales

Stefan Wiesner

CEO Healex GmbH

e-mail: stefan.wiesner@wp.swarm.healex.systems

Phone: +49 2203 5026368

Andre Storm

CEO Jackson Mobile Berlin GmbH

e-mail: andre.sturm@jacksonmobile.de

Phone: +49 171 499 6752