Healex Entry Manager implements visitor control in compliance with data protection standards

Cologne and Berlin, May 26th 2020

The newly released Healex Entry Manager by the Cologne and Berlin digital health and software specialists Healex GmbH and Jackson Mobile Berlin GmbH enables hospitals and healthcare facilities to fully implement the regulations of Corona protection laws, which came into effect in many German states on May 20th, 2020.

With the flexible visitor control of the Healex Entry Manager, hospitals and health care facilities can perform a prescribed screening of visitors for symptoms of a Covid-19 infection, as well as provide a visitor register and information for visitors about current hygiene regulations.

After calling a service number, the Healex Entry Manager sends visitors an individual link via SMS to an encrypted, mobile website where they can request a time restricted visitor ticket after transmitting their state of health and informing them about the visitor and hygiene regulations of the respective facility. Final access is granted by the staff at the entrance gate after checking the state of health and scanning the visitor ticket. The application works on any internet connected mobile phone. Visitors without a smartphone can register at a computer on site. The data protection friendly solution does not store any health data. The names of visitors and visited patients are only stored for the legally prescribed period and exclusively in the secure network of the visited institution.

“With the new Healex Entry Manager, we provide a secure, fast implementation of the new corona protection regulations adapted to the workflows and clinical systems on site,” says Stefan Wiesner, CEO of Healex.

Andre Sturm, founder and CEO of Jackson Mobile adds: “With our many years of experience in building flexible and highly scalable web applications, we help hospitals and staff to manage all visits conveniently, securely and efficiently.”

Hospitals and health care facilities that are interested in using the Healex Entry Manager should register on the website or contact Healex GmbH or Jackson Mobile Berlin GmbH. Healex takes over the further development, sales and adaptation to the clinical systems on site.

Further information about the Healex Entry Manager: https://healex.systems/healex-entry-manager

Contact persons & sales

Stefan Wiesner

CEO Healex GmbH

e-mail: stefan.wiesner@healex.systems

Phone: +49 2203 5026368

Andre Storm

CEO Jackson Mobile Berlin GmbH

e-mail: andre.sturm@jacksonmobile.de

Phone: +49 171 499 6752