New web application helps to coordinate the massive nationwide vaccination effort for battling the Covid-19 pandemic

Cologne and Berlin, 03.03.2021

Healex now offers the Healex Vaccine Scheduler, a highly scalable web application for vaccination centers designed to automate all processes surrounding the vaccination, from registration, symptom screening and appointment scheduling to the actual vaccination. This way, vaccinations can be scheduled and conducted within a short timeframe and a minimum of staff.

Faster vaccinations through flexible vaccination coordination

The Healex Vaccine Scheduler was developed by the Cologne-based digital health specialists of Healex. The flexible web application is tailored to the needs of vaccination centres of clinics, health departments, municipalities and other operators who need to quickly provide and ramp up seamless vaccination services for all citizens in a short time. The application enables vaccination centres to provide their visitors a smooth, user-friendly and GDPR-compliant process for all steps from registration right to the vaccination, significantly speeding up vaccination management and contact coordination.

Reliable, safe solution in the fight against the pandemic

For vaccination centres and staff, the Healex solution means a significant reduction of time wasted in document logistics and provides efficient communication right from the first point of contact.

Users can register for a vaccination on the vaccination center’s website and receive further information. Additionally, users can also have the website sent to their mobile phone via SMS after a calling a hotline number. In the next step, users can submit personal information incl. insurance information, their general state of health and possible Covid-19 symptoms. Based on this information, the user is either admitted for vaccination or excluded, should certain exclusion criteria depending on the vaccine apply. If the patient’s health status allows it, an appointment is made and an automatic calendar entry is provided, as well as a QR code for registration at the vaccination centre. By scanning the QR code, the data record can be called up by the staff on site and the vaccination can be carried out.

“With the Healex Vaccine Scheduler we want to actively support all those who are currently fighting for the protection and health of people on a daily basis,” says Healex CEO Stefan Wiesner.

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