User-friendly web solution facilitates study planning and grant compliance

Cologne and Berlin, January 19, 2021

Until now, cost calculation for clinical trials has been a time-consuming, error-prone process. Studget, a new web tool for calculating the costs of clinical studies, is now available from the Cologne-based digital health specialists at Healex. Originally developed at the University Hospital of Cologne, the tool has been taken over by Healex, thoroughly redesigend and redeveloped on the basis of many years of work with large study centers and numerous clinical studies. Studget facilitates cost calculation for study centers and study groups but is also suitable for small start-ups or individual studies. The calculation tool helps to ensure compliance with grants, reduces the complexity of calculations and thus offers massive time savings. Clear role and rights management enables secure access management within the team. In addition, Studget facilitates the calculation of individual cost types and is easy to use.

“Thanks to our many years of experience in clinical trials, we can help study groups in the best possible way to accurately calculate costs in clinical trials and save a lot of time,” says Healex CEO Stefan Wiesner. The beta phase will run until the end of March. Until then, pilot customers can sign up for the beta version and receive a 25% discount within the first two years.

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Healex specializes in products and solutions for cross-site, collaborative management and acceleration of clinical trials, therapy consulting in patient care and the use of structured and unstructured clinical and health data in healthcare and research systems based on the FHIR standard. With offices in Cologne and Berlin and 42 employees, Healex enables efficient collaboration and networking of healthcare and clinical research between study sponsors, researchers, physicians, insurers and patients. Healex thereby enables the transition to a healthcare industry based on the FHIR data standard. Healex solutions are actively used by over 6200 researchers at over 340 hospitals and have been proven in over 3600 clinical trials.

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