The Cologne-based company Healex, which specializes in the digitization of knowledge, studies and information in the health sector, now offers the Healex Site Management System (SMS) free of charge for clinical and pharmaceutical research on the corona virus. In addition, Healex reduces the monthly costs for non-corona studies by 3 € / study to further facilitate clinical research. The Healex Site Management System (SMS) is a collaborative study platform that enables and facilitates multisite clinical trials.

“We want to make an active contribution to the development of an effective, life-saving vaccine,” said CEO Stefan Wiesner. “Therefore, we are opening our platforms and access to leading research networks and university hospitals.”

The Healex Site Management System (SMS) is the leading multicenter study management platform and facilitates the exchange of information and data between investigators, researchers and sponsors. Over 2000 researchers use the platform every day to manage clinical data with the highest data protection standards. The free use will support the intensive research efforts for a vaccine against the corona virus.

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