Clinical trials are scientific studies performed to evaluate treatments. They are the primary method to identify new medical interventions, for example, if a new drug or a medical device can be used for people. As clinical trials involve multiple phases, ethical considerations for the process are stringent and subjected to intense scrutiny.

The German Center for Infection Research relies on the Healex Site Management System for its study bank in Corona Research

The worldwide efforts to make information and results gained in clinical trials more publicly available are growing. In the last few years, this has remained a topic of discussion and debate among the scientific and public communities. The public as a stakeholder is important and adds a diverse perspective to the process of clinical trials. The growing role of the public brings transparency to decision-making. As a tool, the internet is important for further spreading of information. The internet usage is growing at an exponential level in major parts of the world and can be used readily to spread awareness and disperse information about clinical trials. Especially the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a growing public interest in following clinical trials of vaccines and waiting for positive results from the trials. There are also incidents of social media discussions that have led to further evaluation of vaccine trials and their results.

There is a wide range of publicly accessible information portals available through the internet to understand the process, find out the status of ongoing clinical trials and check for peer-reviewed opinions and criticism from the scientific community. The World Health Organization (WHO)has established a WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP) to register all trials in an unbiased manner. Similarly, there are global and national information portals which can be used by the public and obtain the latest information on all ongoing trials.

Large consortiums are coming together globally to conduct clinical trials. The institutions and organizations hosting clinical trials require solid infrastructure for managing and transferring data generated from the clinical trials. The solutions provided by Healex can effectively support these large multi-centered trials with real time data exchanges and data management in a secured manner. If you are interested in our solutions, feel free to contact us anytime.

About Dr. Jubin Shah:

Dr Shah is responsible for Business development at Healex. He has more then 10 years of inter-disciplinary experience in the field of Bioinformatics, Life science and Healthcare across academia, several startups and non-profit sector.

About Healex:

Connecting and accelerating medical research and treatment – with this goal Healex develops solutions that support and fasten clinical work and networked research, especially in the current Corona crisis.

Healex enables the transfer of information from various clinical and research systems as well as secure and usable storage of health information. The data can be used for prevention, up-to-date anamnesis, care, and science.
This enables fast, cross-site clinical trials and real-time data exchange between clinical research and care.