Healex Case Manager: Secure patient control, recording of symptoms & relief of the health personnel

The simple, secure and highly scalable solution in resource-saving self-service for hospitals, health authorities and laboratories

Ready for immediate use: Mobile patient control and web solution for infection reports

The Healex Case Manager allows you to relieve the burden on crisis teams, hospital staff and therefore also patients through personalizable websites for mobile contact, symptom recording and web-based transmission of infection reports. This reduces the risk of infection and enables the structured collection of urgently needed clinical data for research.

Due to its design as a flexible and highly scalable web application, all contents and workflows can be individually adapted to the patient and the respective interfaces as well as to the requirements of clinical areas and crisis management teams. Healex takes over the further development, sales and adaptation to the clinical systems on site.

The Healex Case Manager is a joint product of

Mobile health data

All-in-one solution ready to use

Structured health data for clinical research

Patient communication

Contactless patient communication

Permanent relief for the staff and all stations

Symptom recording

Patient diary & symptom recording

Supports prevention, therapy, compliance

Recording of patient data

Patients can easily enter their own patient and health data

Control of patient enquiries

Via SMS and personalized websites, patient inquiries are recorded directly in the HIS and test center


Relief of crisis teams and personnel

Doctors and hospital staff are relieved of administrative work and gain time for the particularly acute cases

Mobile patient diary

Patients can transmit their symptoms daily to the hospital and test centre and thus also be supported in quarantine

Transmission of test results

Patients can be informed and contacted about their test results. This greatly simplifies contact management.

Transmission of infection results

Infections can easily and quickly be reported to the public health authorities

With Healex Case Manager hospitals, offices and laboratories remain efficient in the crisis

An extremely high patient load, systematic mass acquisition and processing of patient data push even proven structures to their limits. With the Healex Case Manager we offer a simple, reliable and scalable solution for mass operation.

Challenges for hospitals

  • Seamless processing of data in the event of a crisis can hardly be achieved by existing personnel
  • Unrealiable data quality and time taken to fill in paper forms
  • Transfer of patient data and laboratory results to the authorities cumbersome and time-consuming
  • Monitoring of patients in home quarantine not scalable without digitalization
  • Basic, systematic linking and collection of patient data outside the clinic

Our advantages for hospitals

  • Massive reduction of personnel costs for document logistics and patient communication
  • High processing rate at initial examination Direct processing of structured data by hospitals and health authorities
  • Integratable in HIS (ORBIS) and hospital SAP
  • Satisfies the highest security requirements, hosted in DE data centers Deutsche Telekom
  • Alternative: Hosting in the own infrastructure

Challenges for patients

  • Difficult to fill in and availability of forms for examination
  • Waiting time at registration for sampling at the examination station by manual entry
  • Uncertainty about the use and handling of personal data on forms
  • Delayed treatment feedback due to manual processing by few personnel
  • No direct/individual communication channel to hospital / health authorities in case of queries or follow-up care

Our advantages for patients

  • No long waiting times for pre-registration
  • Filling in the personal data and anamnesis in each own mobile phone with the browser
  • Can also be filled in for third parties (family members, children)
  • Direct, individual communication channel to the hospital / authorities in case of infection
  • Personal notification of the patient about the result of the examination
  • No App - always available due to web link

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