The seamless integration of clinical data and systems is one of the biggest challenges in today’s healthcare environment. In clinical studies and patient care, more and more and ever larger amounts of data are generated, which have to be analyzed, evaluated and prepared and made available for research, care, the pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies and the patients themselves. Health data is also collected from patients themselves via smartphones and medical devices, which in turn can be fed back into research and care.

Healex has many years of experience in the integration of clinical data and has developed proven solutions for the seamless and real-time integration of clinical data with the support of numerous standards and clinical interfaces.

Healex Clinical Integration Hub (CIH)

All-in-one seamless FHIR infrastructure

Healex sells proven FHIR integration solutions and its own interfaces. All solutions can be individually adapted to your requirements, IT and research infrastructure and used together or separately.

Firely FHIR Server

Seamless integration of the FHIR data standard into your IT & research environment

FHIR Plugins

Extension of your FHIR infrastructure with numerous clinical interfaces and “Smart on FHIR” solutions

Healex FHIR Mapper

Seamless integration of various open and proprietary clinical data standards from and to FHIR and your FHIR infrastructure

CSIRO Ontoserver

Powerful terminology server providing SNOMED CT, AMT, LOINC and FHIR-based code systems in FHIR infrastructures

What is FHIR?

FHIR is a standard and integration protocol developed by the HL7 organization to facilitate granular data exchange in healthcare:

  • Many of the largest technology companies like Apple with Apple Health or Google with Google Health as well as numerous hospitals and research organisations are already using FHIR in production
  • FHIR leverages current web technologies (RESTful services, TLS, OAUTH2) and offers extensive data representation in JSON/XML/RDF. This enables the secure and flexible use of health data over the Web.
  • FHIR offers strong interfaces for developers and users and as a platform enables the development of many different solutions for health data.

More information

Our partner Firely offers FHIR trainings

FHIR Training Courses and Workshops for Health IT Professionals

Be the FHIR expert in your team!

  • Basic and advanced trainings on FHIR for Health IT Professionals
  • FHIR Server trainings
  • FHIR Certifications
  • HL7 FHIR Profiling courses
Ready to be on FHIR?

Healex FHIR Solutions

Firely FHIR Server

  • Instantly integrated and ready to use FHIR server (FHIR Repository)
  • Support for all resource types and search parameters from the FHIR specification, including FHIR profiles
  • Access to the resources in the repository via a REST API

Examples of use

  • Research landscapes with pseudonymised clinical data in clinical studies
  • Clinical documentation for the attending physician with individual read and write rights
  • Patient portals on which the patient only receives reading rights for his resources
  • Mobile apps for practicing doctors with individual read and write rights for his cases

FHIR Plugins

FHIR plugins allow you to implement FHIR functionality that is not available in Firely or non-FHIR functions. This allows you to integrate the Firely FHIR Server into your system architecture tailored to your specific requirements.

FHIR plug-ins allow you to add your own processes to the FHIR framework to perform custom operations or to handle cross-functional requests for your research infrastructure.

Healex FHIR Mapper

The FHIR Mapper enables the seamless integration of clinical data into your FHIR infrastructure. A mapping only needs to be created once, after that no more code changes are necessary and the engine can also be used by non-developers:

  • Testing without overhead through unit tests
  • Can be integrated into version management through textual representation
  • Seamless mapping from and to FHIR and JSON, XML, CSV, VCF HL7v2
  • Ensuring data quality before/after mapping
  • Use in fragmented IT and research environments as embedded version

CSIRO Ontoserver

CSIRO’s Ontoserver is a clinical terminology server based on the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard:

  • Provides out-of-the-box support for SNOMED CT, LOINC and OWL ontologies, such as Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO)
  • Features a fast, prefix-based search algorithm that ensures that users can easily find content and are not prevented from entering coded data
  • Has a syndication mechanism that facilitates the updating of terminology
  • Possesses a complete implementation of the Expression Constraint Language (ECL) of SNOMED CT, which enables sophisticated data analysis