Healex electronic passenger locator form: Process automation for reporting the exit card to health authorities & subsequent corona tests

Secure and highly scalable solution for travel returnees from high-risk countries and suspected cases of corona infections

Instantly usable: digital recording and transmission of the exit cards to health authorities

Digital exit cards for the registration of travel returnees from risk areas are to be transmitted directly to the health authorities and help them in the seamless tracing of infections. The Healex electronic passenger locator form is a fully digital solution and mobile exit card for quick completion by the traveller. In compliance with the highest security and data protection standards, the data is immediately forwarded to the health authorities and the RKI. Thanks to the involvement of all relevant bodies such as test centres, laboratories and health authorities in the data exchange, the entire information chain is addressed in the event of an infection. The personnel expenditure in document logistics and communication is reduced to a minimum. Health authorities, test centres, clinics and laboratories are substantially relieved.

The Healex electronic passenger locator form can be used flexibly at all locations – airports, train stations, trains or long-distance buses.

Automate administrative tasks, actively relieve your employees and protect returning travellers by using the electronic passenger locator form.


Easy request

Multilingual SMS via service number

Uncomplicated access and simple use, without an app

Receipt of exit form

Fill in directly on your mobile phone

Immediate transmission to RKI and health authorities, relief of document logistics

Direct test registration

Verification if the test is done

Direct integration in calendars, relief of staff

Mobile exit form

Travel returnees from high-risk areas can conveniently fill in the exit card on their mobile phone and send it directly to the health authorities.

Transmission of test results

Patients can be contacted and informed about their test results. This facilitates contact management.

Transmission of infection

Infections can be reported easily and quickly to the health authorities.

Registration of returnees

Travel returnees from high-risk areas can easily record their personal data and symptoms themselves.

Control of appointments

Direct scheduling of a health test on your mobile phone.

Privacy friendly and secure

No storage of data on mobile phones, encrypted data transmission and storage in high-security data centres.

The Healex electronic passenger locator form enables efficient travel and seamless test management

An extremely high query load and systematic mass acquisition and processing of patient data bring even well-established structures to their limits. With the Healex electronic passenger locator form, we offer a simple, reliable and scalable solution for mass operation.

Strong advantages

  • Unique identification through the cell phone number
  • Call a German landline number from a mobile phone from any mobile network, traveller receives text messages with an individual weblink
  • Alternatively as an online link or QR Code
  • Legally compliant data collection and forwarding to the health authorities
  • Data entry by travellers in a web mask and DSGVO-compliant dispatch of the data directly to the health authorities
  • A direct communication channel to authorities established if necessary
  • Data is transmitted directly from the system to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI)

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