Facilitating legally compliant electronic data transfers

Immediate electronic reporting of infections to public health authorities

The “Electronic Reporting Form” is easy to use and leads to the immediate structured transmission and direct further processing of the notifiable data to the regional health authorities

With the new electronic reporting form from the Cologne and Berlin-based digital health and software specialists Healex GmbH and Jackson Mobile Berlin GmbH, the time-consuming transmission of notifiable cases of infection to the health authorities, which often still takes place by fax and telephone, is now a thing of the past.

Using the easy-to-use and flexible web tool, hospitals, doctors and laboratories can transmit notifiable cases of infections caused by diseases and pathogens in accordance with §§6 to 9 of the German Protection against Infections Act (IfSG) to the health authorities directly from their hospital or IT systems in any browser and in accordance with the highest security standards. SARS-CoV-2 infections can thus also be reported more quickly and efficiently. This considerably reduces the personnel effort for document and case registration and greatly facilitates and accelerates direct communication between hospitals, medical practices and laboratories, and the authorities.

The electronic reporting form is a joined product by

With the electronic reporting form, infection reports can be sent directly to the health authorities in one step.

Available in English on request.

Your advantages:

  • Reduction in personnel expenses for each case reported
  • Dispatch from the hospital's existing HIS (e.g.: iMedOne, i.s.h.med) or from the Healex Case Manager
  • Direct communication channel to the health authorities
  • High data quality and documentation level as case numbers continue to rise
  • Meets the highest and legal safety requirements
  • Massive reduction of personnel costs for document and case recording
  • Reducing the workload of the call centre and providing advice
  • Meets the highest German safety standards and health care requirements
  • Very high data quality for further processing by authorities
  • Integration into the established IT infrastructure of hospital societies via standardised APIs
  • General speed gain in the processing of critical patient data by authorities

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