Healex Entry Manager: Secure, privacy-friendly visitor and entry control for hospitals and health facilities

The simple, safe and highly scalable solution for implementing new rules and laws for managing access to facilities in hospitals and health facilities

Ready for immediate use: Mobile patient control and web solution for infection reports

The Healex Entry Manager enables you to immediately implement the new Covid-19 related rules and laws for managing access to health care facilities. From May 20th 2020 onwards hospitals are in many European countries obliged to carry out appropriate screening of visitors to their hospital or clinic for symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 infection. They must also provide information for visitors on current hygiene requirements and keep a visitors’ register.

The Healex Entry Manager is a ready-to-use, mobile solution for efficient visitor management in hospitals and other highly frequented places. With Healex Entry Manager, visits can be managed paperlessly and long queues can be avoided:

  • Access only after verification and on the basis of the transmitted health status
  • Information about visitor and hygiene rules
  • Issue of temporary, non-transferable visitor tickets
  • Effective tracking of all contacts in case of infection

All content and inquiries can be adapted to your visitor rules, clinical interfaces and requirements. Healex takes over the further development, distribution and adaptation to the clinical systems on site.

The Healex Entry Manager is a joint product of

Mobile screening

Check of visitor’s health status

Transmission via any Internet-capable mobile phone

Hygienic information

Information on visitor regulations

Protection and safety for patients and staff

Visitor tickets

Time limited validity

Non-transferable access only after verification

Flexible visitor registration

Visitors can easily submit their own health status

Verification of visitors

Direct verification at the airlock

Safety for patients and staff

Patients and hospital staff are protected from infection

Simple registration

Registration via any Internet-capable mobile phone, alternative web form for access without a phone

Privacy friendly solution

No health data is stored, neither in the device nor in the centre

Easy Contact Tracing

Effective traceability in case of infection

The Healex Entry Manager is the intelligent, data protection-friendly solution for visitor management

  • Secure, encrypted transmission via web form
  • No data storage in the phone or browser
  • The data record will not be saved for a visit that has not taken place
  • Only the name of the visitor and the visited patient are stored only for the legally prescribed period of time in the and solely in the local network of the visited clinic
  • The data record at the entrance can only be accessed by authorized hospital personnel. A time stamp is stored in the database upon access
  • For visitors without a smartphone, there is a registration option via a computer on site, which directly generates an entry in the database

The new corona protection regulation: Be properly prepared with the Healex Entry Manager

Are you also prepared for the new rules and regulations for access to health care facilities, which will be effective in many European countries from May 20 2020 onwards?

Hospitals are obliged to comply:

  • to screen visitors for symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 infection,
  • provide information for all visitors about the current hygiene requirements,
  • as well as keep a visitor register

What must hospitals and clinics do now?

Ensure the following:

  1. Conduct a short screening of all visitors for SARS-CoV-2 infections (cold symptoms, COVID-19 infection, contact with infected persons or contact persons according to the guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute)
  2. Restrict all visits to a minimum and only to permitted visitor areas
  3. Inform all visitors and your patients about your hygiene and visitor rules (cold symptoms, COVID-19 infection, contact with infected persons or contact persons according to Robert Koch Institute guidelines),
  4. Keep a complete register of all patients and visitors, including the name of the visitor, the date and time of the visit and the resident visited. This allows you to quickly track cases of infection
  5. Train your staff on the new rules and regulations
  6. Use a data protection-friendly solution such as Healex Entry Manager to implement the new rules and regulations

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