Healex Vaccine Scheduler: Faster vaccinations through automated vaccination management 

Mobile process automation for vaccination centres of clinics, municipalities and health authorities

Quick solution for vaccination centres now available!

Automated workflow for vaccination management covering everything from initial contact to vaccination

Early vaccinations against the coronavirus have started nationwide. To handle the massive upcoming demand for vaccinations, we have developed the Healex Vaccine Scheduler as a highly scalable digital solution for vaccination centres of hospitals, municipalities and public health departments. The web application automates all processes from registration, symptom screening and appointment scheduling to enrolment. The Healex Vaccine Scheduler adapts flexibly to existing infrastructures and systems and is ready to use. This means that vaccination management can now be coordinated in a time-saving, contactless manner and with a minimum of staff.

Product demo

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The user registers online, e.g. via smartphone, using a web form (the link can also be obtained via SMS through a phone call). Personal data such as name, date of birth or employee number (for clinic staff) is collected securely via the form in accordance with GDPR.


Symptom recording

In addition to SARS-CoV-2 symptoms, additional health data such as existing pregnancy or immunosuppression are requested from the person to be vaccinated.


Validation of vaccination criteria

Based on the data entered by the user, the system automatically checks whether a vaccination can be administered, using medically defined exclusion criteria.


Automatic appointment

If a user is eligible for a vaccination, he or she receives appointment proposals for the two required vaccinations and then confirms their preferred, suitable appointments. Subsequently, the appointment is confirmed by SMS including an automatically created calendar entry.

Documentation of the vaccination

After the vaccination has been performed, it is fully documented and stored in the system.

Batch documentation

You want to know how many doses of which vaccine you have available on each day? This is possible with the batch documentation.

Privacy-friendly out-of-the-box solution

The web application is the privacy-friendly, out-of-the-box solution for controlling your vaccination center. There is no data storage in the cell phone; the collected data necessary for the vaccination can only be viewed by authorized medical personnel and can only be stored for the legally defined period of time.


Tech & Support

At Healex, we help you set up and integrate into existing IT systems and infrastructures. Our support team is available to answer any questions you may have about working with the Healex Vaccine Scheduler.


Are you an operator of a vaccination centre or planning to set up a vaccination centre?

Advantages of using the Healex Vaccine Scheduler

The first big wave of vaccinations starting now will make vaccines available initially to at-risk groups and subsequently to the entire population. This poses enormous challenges for countries, municipalities, offices and clinics. In a short time, centres have to be set up, appointments coordinated and seamless procedures established for staff and vaccinators.

The Healex Vaccine Scheduler offers the all-in-one solution for automatic coordination, scheduling and relief of your staff.

  • Secure, fast transmission via web form
  • Developed for crisis and mass operation
  • Web application immediately ready for use
  • Easy handling via customer's own mobile phone, no hidden costs
  • Unique patient identification through the mobile number
  • No app necessary, web link always available
  • Entry of personal data and symptom screening possible with any internet-enabled mobile phone
  • No data storage or analysis on the mobile phone
  • Meets the highest security requirements, GDPR-compliant
  • Hosting for immunisation coordination of clinical staff in the clinic's own P-network
  • or: Hosting in your own infrastructure

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

No, the Healex Vaccine Scheduler is a web application that can be accessed via any browser.

The data is stored on a local server of your clinic.

Only the most necessary data, such as name, date of birth, employee number, date of vaccination and batch and name of vaccine is stored.

So lange es gesetzlich nötig ist und die Daten auch beim jeweiligen Gesundheitsamt sind.

The registration is done using a link that is sent to your employees via intranet. 

Depending on the clinic’s vaccination strategy and also whether COVID-19 disease has already been overcome, pregnancy is present, or symptoms exist. 

No, further exclusion criteria cannot be defined by the user. 

Appointment coordination runs via capacities, which are released according to days. 

See: Info of current vaccination policy (e.g., by age). 

Only those who are currently eligible will be admitted for vaccination. At the moment, these are employees of your clinic who work in the corresponding department (intensive care) or have an appropriate age. 

Each employee is only activated for a certain number of days to be able to book an appointment. If the appointment is booked and cannot be kept, it expires. 

No, the appointment cannot be deleted by the user. 

Data can be checked again at the end of the input and before sending and corrected if necessary. However, a deletion by the user is not possible. 

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