Clinical trial cost accounting made easy

The costs incurred in conducting a clinical trial are often difficult to calculate. Calculating the required budget is often complex, error-prone and tedious. Studget, a tool developed by Healex, now makes it easier to calculate the costs of clinical trials.

Why are costs in clinical trials so difficult to measure?

A time-consuming and difficult aspect of clinical trial planning is the process of cost calculation. In practice, this is usually Excel-based and predominantly locally conducted, i.e. limited to the study. Validating individual cost items is as labor-intensive as changing cost types, study parameters and roles. If a study that has already been started is taken over, the takeover as a repeated template is an additional time factor. Another issue that can cause delays in study planning is the time-consuming process of managing access within the study. Helpful collaborations either do not exist or also require more work and time.

Studget: rapid cost calculation for clinical trials and study groups

To speed up the planning and execution of clinical trials, Healex has developed Studget. The web tool for study groups offers a comprehensive cost calculation for all sums incurred in the areas of laboratory, materials, personnel, investments or individual cost types. Clear role and rights management facilitate the planning of clinical studies. At the same time, the calculation tool is flexible and easy to use. Studget is continuously and rapidly developed to make cost planning even more convenient for the user.

Due to the flexible pricing, Studget is affordable for the cost calculation of individual studies as well as for small start-ups or hospitals.


Main features

Study costs

Studget supports calculation with variable and fixed annual, monthly and daily hourly rates, as well as custom cost types.

Labor costs

Studget enables the recording of costs from internal service providers, such as the laboratory or radiology via interfaces

Material costs

Material costs can also be easily and transparently recorded through Studget, e.g. samples, shipping, consumables.

Personnel costs

Personnel costs can also be recorded through Studget, both hourly and daily rates, fixed salary and the respective role.

Team management

Studget enables access management in the team as well as the adoption of already existing templates.

Simple to use

Studget is particularly easy to use and customize. Almost all cost types can be adapted to your individual workflows and needs.

Other features under development

  • Breakdown of costing into cases
  • Costing on a per patient basis
  • Modulable markup calculation
  • Detailed templates
  • Login via 2FA / SMS OpenID


We would like to give you the opportunity to get to know Studget personally and try it out. Just fill out the contact form and we will get back to you right away!