The corona pandemic presents the health care system and many other affected sectors with special challenges. The operation of clinics, test centres and health authorities in times of crisis requires a quickly deployable solution for registering symptoms as well as for reporting infections and mobile patient monitoring. To prevent a further increase in new infections, the main focus here is clearly on contactless, secure processes.

Fast and safe implementation of corona screening tests

The Healex Case Manager was developed to meet these requirements. It enables corona tests to be carried out in a quick, safe and flexible fashion, eliminating lengthy waiting times and unnecessary effort. The web tool has proven its worth in crisis situations at the University Hospital of Cologne, among others. The Healex Case Manager allows the contactless, immediate transmission of symptoms and test results to the public health authorities as well as effective follow-up care and the possibility to contact patients during home quarantine or an observation period.

How the Healex Case Manager works

In order to use the Healex Case Manager, the patient calls the telephone number listed below. He will then receive a web-based questionnaire on his smartphone asking for further personal data and possible symptoms of coronavirus infection. After completing this registration, he receives a QR code, that is shown and scanned for testing. All necessary information is then already available to the test centre. By automating the registration process, waiting times for registration for the health test are avoided. The result of the antibody test on-site can also be assigned to the registered person via the scan. This enables automated notification of the results by SMS or telephone. Users also receive an entry in their cell phone’s calendar, which prompts them to continue entering their symptoms within the following 14 days. This allows for follow-up after the test. Notifiable positive test results can be simultaneously transmitted to the affiliated health authorities.

What advantages does the Healex Case Manager offer?

Compared to the conventional recording, anamnesis and follow-up of citizens with SARS-CoV-2 suspicion, the Healex Case Manager is extremely quick to use and has also proven itself in a large-scale operation in accordance with the highest hygiene and safety requirements, for example at the University Hospital of Cologne. Because it is designed as a web tool, all that is required for its use is an Internet-capable mobile phone and a browser, but no app. The user can be identified and addressed at all times. If required, multiple tests can also be implemented at short notice. Thanks to highly secure, DSGVO-compliant data collection, the patient’s health and personal data can be accessed only by authorised hospital staff.

Test the Healex Case Manager

You can easily try out the Healex Case Manager yourself by dialling 030 609 8585 8532 on your mobile phone. You will then receive a personal link with a sample form. All content and workflows can be individually adapted to the interfaces and processes of the respective clinics, practices, test centres and health authorities.

You can find more information about the Healex Case Manager here