Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, many healthcare institutions and companies have been mandated to carry out appropriate visitor screening for symptoms of a SARS CoV-2 infection. Visitors must also receive information on current hygiene regulations and a record of visitors must be kept allowing for follow-up in case of infection. This not only affects in-patient healthcare facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes, but also educational, sports and leisure facilities and other industries. To guarantee secure visitor registration and control across the board, a versatile digital solution that can be rolled out quickly in anticipation of a possible second wave of infection helps to automate all necessary steps. As an immediately usable web tool, the Healex Entry Manager offers efficient visitor management and enables the immediate implementation of current corona regulations in health care facilities and other highly trafficked places while staying in compliance with Germany’s strict security and data protection standards.

Flexible use in different industries

For full flexibility and easy adaptability to the requirements of different industries, the Healex Entry Manager was developed as a flexible, easily usable web solution independent of operating systems and devices. Content and design can be flexibly adapted to the current visitor rules, requirements and interfaces of the various facilities, e.g. in hospitals, medical centres, retirement and nursing homes, educational, sports and leisure facilities as well as trade fairs and events.

What can the Healex Entry Manager do?

With the Healex Entry Manager, visitors can be quickly screened for symptoms of a possible infection of a SARS-CoV-2 infection directly via smartphone. This allows visits to be managed paperlessly and long queues to be avoided. The Healex Entry Manager creates personalised, time-limited visitor, non-transferable tickets for admittance only after verification. The web tool also enables a complete visitor register. This ensures the protection and safety of patients and staff as well as tracking in case of infection. The Healex Entry Manager has already proven itself in mass operation during the corona crisis in sectors with the strictest hygiene and data protection regulations, including the University Hospital of Cologne.

Advantages of the Healex Entry Manager

The Healex Entry Manager can be used with any internet-capable mobile phone. Thanks to its design as a flexible web tool, the system is intuitive and easy to use. At the same time, Healex Entry Manager meets the highest security and data protection standards. The fast, secure transmission of visitor data via web form enables direct communication between authorities and visitors in case of need. The mobile number allows the visitor to be clearly identified at any time. No health data is stored. The data entered can only be viewed by authorised personnel and will be deleted after the legally required period of time.

How does the Healex Entry Manager work?

Using any internet-capable mobile phone, visitors can carry out an immediate screening for Covid-19 symptoms, register in the visitor register of the respective institution and receive information on hygiene and visiting rules. To do this, the visitors simply dial 030 609 8585 8531 on their mobile phones. This will automatically provide him/her with a personal link to the visitor registration form, including a reference to the local visitor and hygiene rules. The visitor fills in the screening form with information on possible corona symptoms. If there are no symptoms, a time-limited, personalised ticket is released after an automatic check. If the ticket is scanned and accepted at the entrance, an automatic entry is made in the visitor register and a time stamp is stored in the database of the respective institution.

Test the Entry Manager

Simply call +49 030 609 8585 8531 on your mobile phone. You will automatically receive a personal link, for example a form for visitor registration, including information on current visitor and hygiene rules.

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