Our mission

Knowledge in the field of medicine is constantly increasing in scope and level of detail. This ranges from basic research in biomedicine to implementation in clinical research and treatments in the clinic.

The broad scope and level of detial create a critical information management problem at all levels in the management in healthcare and clinical research. We believe that the only solution is the efficient sharing of knowledge and information.

Who we are

Healex is a software and consulting company based in Cologne that develops products and solutions for the efficient planning, control and acceleration of clinical studies, for therapy consulting in patient care and for the management of large amounts of clinical and health data.

We support research groups and physicians in accelerating collaboration between clinical care and research. As developers, researchers and practitioners, we deal every day with the question of how we further improve clinical data, accelerate collaboration and speed up clinical data exchange, so that new drugs and therapies can be developed faster and save human lives.

Through close collaboration with one of the largest university hospitals in Germany, where intensive research is conducted with centers in Europe and the United States, we have developed proven solutions for the most pressing challenges and problems in clinical research and care, which are used by thousands of researchers and physicians every day in numerous multinational clinical trials.

We are committed to international medical data standards such as HL7 and FHIR, which allow Healex solutions to be seamlessly integrated into existing hospital systems and shared across multiple sites. Healex solutions are battle-tested in real operating conditions and meet the highest regulatory quality requirements.

Our values

We are convinced that the development of new processes and software is only justified and successful if existing processes are made much better and simpler. Therefore we work closely with our customers to achieve a quantifiable positive impact in clinical research and care.

Our close partnership and culture of cooperation with our customers and among our employees is our greatest asset. We are proud that we can help physicians and researchers to heal patients better.

We care deeply about patient and data security. Which is why we support all legal privacy and clinical trial requirements. In addition, we follow the guidelines of Good Clinical Practice (GCP), an international ethical and scientific quality standard developed for the design, implementation, collection and communication of data in clinical trials.

We are committed practitioners of agile and iterative software development methods. These methods enable us to adapt much faster to pressing requirements and  challenges in clinical research and care and help us to solve the most challenging problems much more quickly.


Alexander van der Mey


Active in the healthcare sector for over 10 years.

Member of the association: DGPharmed e.V. - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pharmazeutische Medizin e.V.


Currently our team consists of developers, requirements engineers, designers, quality managers, proven experts in clinical research and clinical data and customer support people. We are always looking for qualified and passionate new colleagues who share our vision.

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