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Support hours: 8am  – 6pm

Healex Site Management System (SMS) Support

The Healex SMS supports and facilitates:

  • The management of clinical studies across all phases and multiple sites
  • Personal management with rights and role management in clinical studies
  • The publication of clinical studies with the aim of attracting project partners and patients
  • Collaboration in clinical trials through a common document repository
  • Maintaining and managing all required legal and regulatory aspects of a trial, such as protocol codes, trial sites, trial objectives, inclusion criteria and patient characteristics, trial design, recruitment duration, and required responsible roles such as investigators, clinical trial managers, sponsors, and monitoring




Support hours: 8am - 6pm

VONK FHIR Server Support

Vonk FHIR Server is an integrated and ready-to-use FHIR server with storage capabilities (FHIR Repository).


Vonk FHIR Server provides support for SQLServer, SQLite and MongoDB. Other database engines such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL or Microsoft DocumentDB can also be easily integrated.


Vonk FHIR Server can be extended with OAuth2 and OpenIdConnect authentication. Vonk can therefore be used in single sign-on environments.

Vonk FHIR Server also supports https reverse proxies. Load-balancing web servers can be prepended to it.



Healex only provides Level 1 support for the Vonk FHIR server. Healex accepts your complaints or questions and forwards them to the manufacturer Firely.

CSIRO Ontoserver Support

CSIRO’s Ontoserver is a clinical terminology server based on the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard:

  • Provides out-of-the-box support for SNOMED CT, LOINC and OWL ontologies, such as Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO)
  • Features a fast, prefix-based search algorithm that ensures that users can easily find content and are not prevented from entering coded data
  • Has a syndication mechanism that facilitates the updating of terminology
  • Possesses a complete implementation of the Expression Constraint Language (ECL) of SNOMED CT, which enables sophisticated data analysis

Healex is the preferred reseller for the Ontoserver in Germany.



Healex provides Level 1 and 2 support for CSIRO's Ontoserver.

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