Individual solutions through universal products

Healex has many years of experience in clinical research and care. We know what is really used and needed in everyday clinical practice and by all practitioners.

We have systematically connected, improved and expanded proven tools for data management and administration of research centers. The result are successful, proven infrastructure and efficient processes that allow these tools to be used seamlessly and quickly in everyday clinical practice.

Our solutions cover all areas of clinical research and care:

  • Documentation
  • Collaboration
  • Integration

Our products are assembled on a modular basis depending on the customer’s focus and needs.

Our solutions

Healex SMS/ClinicalSite

The Healex SMS/ClinicalSite is the solution for multisite clinical trial management for research and care. As the leading communication platform for information and data exchange between physicians and researchers in clinical trials, we offer a proven solution for secure real-time collaboration.

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Healex Clinical Documentation System (CDS)

The Healex Clinical Documentation System (CDS) is the leading solution for clinical patient and therapy documentation. With the Healex CDS, case report forms and roles for modeling clinical trials, therapies and capturing patient data can be seamlessly created, edited and published.

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Healex Clinical Integration Hub (CIH)

The Healex Clinical Integration Hub (CIH) provides seamless clinical data integration and a state-of-the-art FHIR infrastructure for hospital IT and complex research environments, thereby enabling networked, seamless research and supply of large structured data sets and in multi-center clinical studies.

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Healex Studget

To speed up the planning and execution of clinical trials, Healex has developed Studget. The web tool for study groups provides a comprehensive cost calculation for clinical studies on all sums incurred in the areas of laboratory, materials, personnel, investments or individual cost types. Clear role and rights management facilitate the planning of clinical studies. At the same time, the costing tool is flexible and easy to use. Studget is continuously and rapidly being further developed to make cost planning even more convenient for the user.

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Healex Corona products and solutions

Healex Case Manager

The Healex Case Manager enables contactless, data protection-friendly Covid-19-patient management, symptom recording, appointment scheduling for tests and visits as well as transmission of test results to the patient and to the health authorities in case of an infection. The mobile web tool also provides symptom recording from home quarantine and provides structured clinical data for SARS-CoV-2 research.

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Healex Entry Manager

The Healex Entry Manager enables secure, privacy-friendly visitor management and infection tracing in full compliance with the various Corona protection laws and regulations. The webtool allows visitors at a health facility and or other restricted areas to request a personalized, time-restricted visitor ticket by calling a number using a mobile phone and receiving a personalized link to an online symptom screening via text message.

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Healex helps to achieve research and care goals in all phases

We have the right solutions for all processes in clinical research and care and bring clinical data to the right places at the right time.


Healex products and services speed up the planning, execution and evaluation of clinical trials across multiple sites and large numbers of study participants. They support sponsors and participating trial centers. This increases and accelerates the development and success of clinical therapies.


We offer solutions for generating legally required safety and efficacy dossiers for therapies that are already approved. Healex products extract and generate high-quality data from clinical care.

Personalized therapies

Healex products are also used for cost-effective and secure planning and execution of individualized therapies.

Evidence based care

Healex products enable the optimal and data-driven care of patients not only in clinical trials, but also in further therapies. Healex connects researchers and patients for immediate care and for integrating external health and patient data into therapies.